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NewCraft embeds in every app on the internet to deliver interactive missions for onboarding, training and spaced repetition.
Replace shoulder taps, endless documents and hours of video with simple missions.

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How it works
Easy integration
We integrate into your existing knowledge bases and workflow to gather raw data for content creation.
We create content for you
NewCraft builds missions for you using machine learning and a network instructors.
Fly like pilots
Interactive missions are embedded in your tools to enable mastery. They guide you step-by-step through completing tasks while also sending reminders and summaries of what you've learned. This is how pilots learn to fly.
With the help of NewCraft, I successfully expanded my scope of skills. Now I can not only design the product, but also help define product strategy and participate in coding my vision — all thanks to NewCraft.
Tina H.
Designer at Facebook
Learn faster,
in the flow of work