Paid Apprenticeships

Unlock job referrals with paid, online apprenticeships

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NewCraft is designed to accelerate your work. Connect with experts who will support you in perfecting your craft   and navigating industries. Unlock job referrals workflows, paid projects and more.

This is the support you've been looking for.

Step One - Interview
Instantly book an interview with our support team.
Step Two - Access Experts
Connect and work with experts weekly to learn new skills and earn job or project referrals.
Step Three - Get Paid
Get paid to learn on the job. If you are already employed, payouts come from your employer. If you are job searching NewCraft pays you hourly for any projects or tasks you complete.

We invest in you

The support you've been looking for
Income Share Agreement
  • 15% of your income for one year, only if you get a job or contract
  • Access to experts
  • Play by play transcripts delivered after each session
  • Earn job referrals
  • Unlock paid projects and tasks